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Movibloc storage equipment for INKOFOODS

Movibloc storage equipment for INKOFOODS

In early 2009, held repeated meetings between INKOFOODS and STORACT BG, the reason for which was the desire of the client for storage of archival equipment in its warehouses, providing the best level of service to them, STORACT BG consultants found a solution satisfying those needs. In complete accordance with the client, STORACT BG team offers storage equipment type Movibloc, which is suited to customer requirements for archival storage folders. Movibloc is a removable storage system, which consists of shelving units mounted on mobile bases running on rails. Under this system has direct access to documentation, also in this system is protected from dust, fire and intrusion to the stored documents.

The system consists of a block. Stacking is carried out on 6 levels. Propulsion is done manually, with mechanical levers.

Block 1 consists of 1 fixed and 4 mobile units. Stationary block size LxBxH - 6475 x 360 x 2695 mm. Moving blocks are size LxBxH - 5330 x 720 x 2695 mm.
The modules are composed of individual blocks and have a length of 1250 mm. Loads capacity - 1250x360 mm - 80 kg. on a single shelve.

Total number of policies for the system: 1250 x 360 mm system: 259 pcs.

Total area of the stacking of the entire system Moviblock: 97,68 m2. .

Maximum load: 17,760 kg. (17.760 t.)

Number of folders (filing) system-wide Movibloc: 3330 pcs.





System Folders
Movibloc 3330

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