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Kraft chose Storact for a partner

Kraft chose Storact for a partner


We chose STORACT BG after a tough tender procedure. We chose your offer as the best combination of optimization of the space, price and technical performance. Alexander Rangelov, Purchasing Department... more

Ted Invest trusts Storact


The first meeting with STORACT BG was at the Autumn International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, where we looked for a company to equip our warehouse. We established partnership. The first principle on which we chose STORACT BG was the best ratio price - quality. The second was the quick reaction that differentiates the company from the others and thirdly, but not last was the good communication and loyalty of colleagues from STORACT BG. I wish the team and the company success. Dimitar Todorov Managing Director of TED INVEST... more



Business contacts with STORACT BG (then still under the name B & G Ltd.) began in February 1999 – began accidentally. Then Vectra Ltd. has signed its first contract for logistical service. Not a major customer and had a period of 15 days - to rent and furnish pallet stock and accept the good of the client. We did not have time to study the market and comparing prices and quality before? We needed rack systems and had to act immediately.   I was looking in “Yellow pages” in order to find a supplier of pallet racking and for our luck I found exactly B & G LTD. I explained my problem to Mr. Urumov and Mr. Bankov and although initially said delivery time was 6 weeks, 10 days after our conversation in our store shelves have already been installed. In view of good ... more

Transcapital shares its impression about working with STORACT BG


As a company established in the field of transport and logistics, we work with STORACT BG for five years. They were recommended by our companies in the industry, as professionals with extensive experience in Handling Equipment. For the time in which we work together, we repeatedly convinced that STORACT firm, uncompromising in its demand for quality products and services offered. Besides good ratio price - quality, we should mention attitude of the whole team to clients and enthusiasm, which relate to work. We wish the team of STORACT to continue with its professional attitude to all current and future customers. Thanks to their efforts and developed expertise. We will recommend them to all who need such services – they will not be disappointed. Gerasim Mihaylov Manager ... more

AIKO about our storage equipment


I know STORACT BG company for several years. Good reputation. Your serious attitude and high professionalism, which distinguish your company, were the main criterion  for choosing STORACT BG as long term partner. What I wish to the company and its team is to be innovative and to continue to evolve as an organization.  Marian Dushkov Governor AIKO  ... more

Lufthansa finds a partner


Why did you choose to work with STORACT BG? STORACT is a proven and undisputed leader in the market for storage equipment. What distinguishes the company from its competitors is: Exceptional professionalism of managerial leadership and technical team; Flexibility and creativity in technical decisions; Purposeful orientation to customer needs; And desire for perfection.         Are you justified your expectations? Completely - all made with STORACT company, projects were implemented in time and with required quality. ... more

Coca-Cola Bulgaria about STORACT BG


Why did you choose to work with STORACT BG? As a leading distributor of soft drinks, it is important for us to work with trusted business partners. STORACT is precisely such a partner. The company offers quality equipment, conforming to European standards, the most competitive prices. Another advantage of STORACT, is the team of professionals who always respond quickly and professionally to our inquiries.     Are you justified your expectations? Yes, the company justified our expectations and our high requirements. ... more

Epic Electronics about STORACT BG


Why did you choose to work with STORACT BG? Epiq Electronics has partnered well with STORACT BG. Reputation and correct attitude towards our clients get to choose to work with STORACT BG. Since the beginning of our cooperation STORACT BG is shown as a loyal partner who fulfills orders on time and with professionalism. This year STORACT BG celebrates 10 years. What your wishes will be for the company and its team? I wished the company and the people who work there to keep striving to achieve high goals and to continue working with the same professionalism in the future, which will provide the company's market leading positions. Jeanne-Eglantine Chapoutot Manager supplies EPIQ EA  ... more

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