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Exalco with Cantiliver

Exalco with Cantiliver

Beginning of the relationship between STORACT BG and EXALCO began in March 2006 after the initial meetings between the partner companies, which were clarified distribution of essential items for EXALCO BULGARIA. Pallets size is 6000x700x500 mm and weighing 700 kg, as well as servicing machinery with 1770 mm working corridor. We established a Project for Shelving storage equipment.

Equipment racks disposed (September 2006) of STORACT BG was located in a hall sized 2 x 24 m, allowing the development of ten double rows of CANTILEVER system with a total length 47.4 m each. The number of levels in height was 8 and the total storage capacity of the system is 1280 pallets or 896 tons.

EXALCO BULGARIA AD is known in the trade of aluminum profiles for windows, curtain walls, technological profiles (standard) and different types of accessories. For the purposes of the company realized BG STORACT storage system Cantilever. Racks are designed for the storage of long materials according to the company's needs. System EXALCO profiles are well known on the Bulgarian market and used by many manufacturers of aluminum windows and curtain walls.




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