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STORACT BG is the only company that has a whole department closely specialized engineers. Establishment of such a department has the sole purpose of being most useful for you and your business. We offer free consultation conducted by highly qualified specialists.

Creating a working and effective project requires an individual approach to each client, understanding its storage needs and detailed study of the characteristics of the particular warehouse. We at BG STORACT help our customers to choose the most suitable type of rack system corresponding to their capacity, technical requirements and budget. A team of well trained and motivated engineers and consultants work together with the customer to specify his requirements for the technological sequence in the warehouse and the movement of goods. The preparation of each project is consistent with the standards of FEM, the characteristics of lifting machinery operating in the warehouse and the condition of optimum use of available space.

The proposed service aims to facilitate our customers, allowing them to trust a company which is ultimately familiar with their needs and assume responsibility for the safe and optimal storage of their goods and equipment.

Consultation request

Consultation request

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