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Metal Lockers (гардеробчета) - Lockers

Lockers embrace a new concept in compact, aesthetic design that can suit any type of environment: dressing rooms, offices, school among many others. Frames integrated into the side panels, double-panelled doors. Each of these elements has been carefully designed to provide high rigidity. High quality, cold-rolled with special processes is used in the manufacturing process guaranteeing our lockers with high resistance and long durability.

The components that make up the lockers are supplied in a “Knock Down” form and have been optimized in a way which is advantageous for transportation. There is no need for tools or screws which simplified the assembly process.
Multiple possibilities from the standard combination along with a wide range of accessories allow the system to be tailor made to individual needs. Starting from an initial unit, an unlimited number of lockers can be joined creating thus an area to suit.


  • Compact, aesthetic design
  • Suit any type of environment
  • Quick assembly process
  • Personal key for every unit

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