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Choosing an appropriate storage system is essential for effective and profitable operation of your warehouse.
Creating an optimal designed project requires good knowledge of customer needs, capacity and technical characteristics of the room and adequate choice of rack system. For this specific task STORACT BG uses well trained and motivated engineers and consultants. Together, they specify the movement of goods in the warehouse and take the responsibility of measurement, establishment, organization and implementation of your storage equipment. This allows working with one company that knows very well your warehouse, saves time and reduces potential risks and uncertainties in various stages of installation.


Professional assembly, made by well trained and qualified technicians is the key to safety and durability of the storage equipment.
STORACT BG relies on good technicians and workers, experienced in assembly and technical support of storage equipment. They are capable of resolving all problems storage systems might have. The Special Unit for installation and service is established in order to react immediately to all requests. It provides safety in the warehouse and reduces the loss of funds from improper use.


European quality certificates - sign of respect to our clients
If there is something that we are uncompromising with, this is the quality of our products! STORACT BG operates in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001:2000. Spanish company producer Mecalux is certified under ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and TUV. All processes in the calculations, testing, design and installation of storage systems meet FEM standards. We guarantee to our clients quality, security and efficiency of our products.


Responsibility and immediate response during the warranty period
With delivery and installation of any rack system, STORACT BG assumes responsibility for replacement and repair of damaged parts in accordance with the terms of the warranty. This allows our clients to recover their daily activities in the warehouse without suffering any losses.

Focused on customer

Trust and long-term partnership - that is haw we develop our company.
Winning a new customer is not just another successful transaction, but an opportunity to make lasting and meaningful relationships. We are interested in our client needs and development. Our solutions and methods for managing warehouses and logistics centers are profitable and generate successes and functionality.


Innovation in every aspect of our work: developing high-tech solutions.
Application of modern information and technological trends allows us to improve our daily service to our customers and to offer rational solutions to their most demanding needs.

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