STORACT BG offers optimal solutions, whether designing a completely new rack system or complement the existing one. The information collected for our clients' business allows us to create the best solution satisfying their requirements. By preparing precise customised drawings we are able to adapt standard storage systems to the specific desires of the client.

The availability of a project designed especially for the client results in better use of storage volume.
The storage systems design corresponds to the norms and requirements of FEM and EN.

Project 01

The following data is necessary to prepare a safe and high quality solution:

  • Cargo type-pallet size and weight of the product used on pallet
  • Construction data-dimensions, complete technical plans containing the location of columns, lighting, sprinklers, industrial doors, spaces, heights, type of flooring and more. Data on turnover of pallets and their length of storage
  • Business processes, production/distribution data
  • Pallets number
  • Shelf life of stored good, depending on whether it will work on FIFO or LIFO systems
  • Servicing machines specifications - rated lifting height, maximum capacity, operation corridor dimensions

Project 02

Business communication between us and the customer comprises of the following phases:

  • Initial necessity analysis
  • Definition of requirements
  • Technical justification of the proposed design establishing the relevant advantages and disadvantages.
  • Study of organizational processes and the accompanying documentation
  • Flow of goods analysis
  • Preparation of implementation and installation project and schedule

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