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The project FRESH LOGIC - the biggest automated center on the Balkans

The project FRESH LOGIC - the biggest automated center on the Balkans

FRESH LOGIC appointed the global leader in storage systems MECALUX and its official representative in Bulgaria STORACT to design and implement  the largest fully automated center of the Balkan Peninsula.

FRESH LOGIC - an example of a record achievement in the applying innovative solutions in logistics services on the territory of the Balkan Peninsula


The logistics center is located in Plovdiv and it consists of:

  • Two automated warehouses with a double depth rack served from 7 stacker cranes and the conveyor systems with a total capacity for 14,826 pallets;
  • Areas in front of storages used for loading and unloading activities;
  • Office building;
  • TIR parking 

With its two warehouses, originally called "Warehouse - done production” (chilled products) and “Warehouse - raw materials” (frozen food) company goals is to serve the production needs of FRESH LOGIC, but also to become preferred partner of manufacturers, suppliers and traders, thanks to innovative and flexible solutions to manage their supply chains.

Main technical characteristics of the "Warehouse - done production”

Constructive solution - Picking tunnels built into the structure and along the entire length of the store. They allow fast processing of orders without the need the pallets to leave the warehouse. Thus there is an access to all items loaded into the warehouse, which is controlled by software application, which MECALUX designed for FRESH LOGIC.

Temperature regime at 0 degrees, which allows people to work in the Picking tunnels.

In the area of spedition is realized gravitational system from 17 lines. They get the pallets from the conveyors, which are sorted into individual lines.

Main technical characteristics of  "Warehouse - raw materials "

Temperature control – minus 20 degrees. In the presence of a small refrigeration facilities in the country, the company FRESH LOGIC offers place for 10 164 pallets to its customers.

Management software allows optimization of the available space of pallet positions, and tracking stocks, the expiry date. The software generates reports to end users, leading to increased quality in their information services

To introduce the reader in the world of the automated solutions, we must emphasize several phases for realization of such a project, namely:

  • Define specific needs for the construction of such storage
  • Analysis of the data to "dress" in the economic indicators need for automation
  • Identification of possible solutions, accompanied by a comparative analysis between them
  • Preparation of project documentation and implementation of chosen solution

When FRESH LOGIC approached MECALUX and STORACT the first three phases have been already passed, using the consulting services to companies from Austria an wit their support was chosen the appropriate solution.

MECALUX received the opportunity to verify the chosen option, and STORACT as its official representative for Bulgaria and major sub-contractor was given the key fourth phase - the project. The project was implemented by a team of over 50 specialists and installers of STORACT and supervisors from MECALUX.
For this purpose, the team from STORACT had trainings at work on similar projects in Spain. After signing the contract MECALUX prepared complete design documentation, which was made in assembling and launching of the operational processes, using software to manage the machines and processes for obtaining the orders and putting them into execution.
In a project for the automated solution of the warehouse, we can distinguish some activities in several specific groups:

  • Construction of fundamental base
  • Construction of a self-supporting steel structure warehouse
  • Building the stacker cranes and the conveyor systems
  • Additional construction work

The installation activities performed by STORACT included: the assembly of shelving structures, assembly of mechanical parts (all machines involved in the automation – stacker cranes and conveyors); putting electrical control panels and providing the links between them.

MECALUX managed the project throughout the whole process of construction and commissioning, responsible for its performance in terms of: the set technical specifications and deadlines; full control of supplied materials required for the phase of installation, prior coordination with all parties involved in the construction activities, coordinating the processes of each phase of installation.

FRESH LOGIC is ready to offer the full range of logistics services for external customers associated with the storage and transport of chilled and frozen foods. Here is what says the Manager with FRESH LOGIC, Mr. Stanimir Zhekov:
"The warehouse for refrigerated products justified our high expectations and perform the functions for which it was intended. High technology and organization that we implemented, work great, as were planned.
Cold base has a flexible working scheme. Deliveries can be made to transport the client, with cars on the basis or in combination. Do not limit their work, we believe that this is a plus in business. We have ambition and we believe that we must be able to offer everything needed by the client. "

In conclusion we may add that when you put records, starting to introduce new standards that become mandatory for the professional field in which you put your ambitions.


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