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Mezzanine Floors

Creating more space with Twinfloor system-based mezzanine You are looking for space to work in - Twinfloor® system-based mezzanine gets you maximum return from your premises. Whether it's storage, manufacturing or office space, within a short time you have affordable additional square meters and all this without substantial alteration or relocation. And should you decide to move any time later, you can use your Twinfloor® again. So, to invest in a Twinfloor® means long-term certainty. 

A Twinfloor® is an extremely thoughtful and flexible mezzanine, which is completely tailor-made. With a carrying capacity of 300 to 1,500 kg per m2 and a span of 10 meters, you're sure to get the right solution for almost every problem. The unique cold-rolled profiles offer many technical possibilities. Through the multiple hexagonal system perforations you can easily run pipes for electricity, compressed air and sprinkler systems. 

Do you have enough height available? A double mezzanine-floor gets you the most out of your premises. Logistic integration.

Twinfloor® stands at the base of a logistical success.

Also in a production environment the mezzanine feels at home. The bottom side of the Twinfloor® covering can be equipped with a white, environmentally friendly coating, by which an excellent light reflection is achieved (without annoying glare).

The public space requires a special approach; a Twinfloor® adapts effortlessly. Would you like an extra generously accessible stairs or special hand railing? No problem, we offer a tailor made solution.


Advantages of use

Double space, halve costs
The Twinfloor® easily doubles your storage, manufacturing or office space and halve your costs per M2. Would you like to recover your investment in 2 years?

Quick and easy to place
The assembly or modification of the mezzanine floor goes quickly, up to 500 M2 per week! This brings the inconvenience to daily operations to a minimum. Delivery times are short.

Tailor made at affordable prices
A Twinfloor® is designed and produced in our own production unit. The size, carrying capacity, spans, accessories and colours are designed to your wishes.

Quality and warranty
The Twinfloor® meets the most recent FEM standards. More than 10,000 users have already experienced the quality and convenience of the Twinfloor®. There is a 5 year guarantee on material and manufacturing failures.

Would you like to have maximum return on your premises? Please contact us:

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Mezzanines is one of the systems, used by the aviation leader Mezzanines is one of the systems, used by the aviation leader
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