For boxes

For boxes – The conveyance of light loads is commonly combined with demending requirements in terms of functionality and frequency which can only be met with the seamless integration of each and every component of the system.

We offer a conveyor system which is scalable to the needs of its users and adjustable for growth.


  • Reliability – the components, which form the conveyors are systems with a proven track record and a very high level of reliability.
  • Low maintenance work to be easily carried out
  • Low operational cost – the efficacy offered by these systems in the working environment has a very positive effect on the return on investment of the whole of the installation.
  • Scalability – there are many different possible configuration of the components involved. Any of the components of the instalation can be reused or expanded.
  • Durability –the robust system is designed to withstand daily work at a high performance level.
  • Ergonomics – The system features all the ergonomic guidlines, facilitating interactions of the machine with the operator. It also simplifies the maintenance work in the installation.

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