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C3i with Picking system, M3 system and Idea 5

C3i with Picking system, M3 system and Idea 5

“C3i Europe" is part of a leading US company operating worldwide in the field of Information Technology (IT) and their application for the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research. Very soon after opened an office in Sofia, the company managed to gain the trust of many highly educated people, ranked among The Best employers in the country.

Levels of the system are constructed with nine metal shelves that are tailored to combine special drawers that are accessory to the proposed M3 system and allows the customer to a small area of ​​the stack to reach a large number of subjects. For the full range of equipment for the new office additionally from the racking equipment the customer are offered tables that are fully equipped for any job related to production, workshop, storage, control station.

Tasks definition

STORACT BG offers the most appropriate solution to the customer - shelving system Picking, which offers high capacity at each level constructed with metal shelves, combined with beautiful esthetics thatmeets customer requirements for storage of heavy and large elements computer industry.
For small assortment of parts proposed solution for equipment racking system M3, which are equipped with accessories, which provide the stored commodity.

Storage equipment is installed and commissioned in parts per each particular zone and offers the best solution associated with storage or work area.

System Picking
Racking system from Idea5
Shelves with drawers system of M3
Number of drawers: 65 pcs.
Workbench – 4 pcs.



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