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Racking systems for Suidan Commerce, they can be served by trucks.

Racking systems for Suidan Commerce, they can be served by trucks.

SUIDAN COMMERCE LTD was founded in 1996 in Sofia with main business processing, packaging and marketing of pulses, cereals and canned vegetables. As a result of hard work and a decade of experience the company became a leader on the Bulgarian market.

SUIDAN COMMERCE LTD has its own production facilities equipped with modern processing and packaging equipment. The company exercised strict control over production and supply of raw materials through its own purchasing stations and shops for cleaning and processing of pulses in the country. SUIDAN COMMERCE LTD has successfully developed its international business with companies from Egypt, China, Australia, Canada, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and others.

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In mid-January 2009 he entered a request for racking system for the needs of the company SUIDAN COMMERCE LTD. For its part, STORACT BG began meetings to clarify the company's needs for construction of equipment. We have developed two versions of the proposed company storage equipment - type Drive-in Pallet Racking - storage system designed for storage of pallets, by requiring the customer to use the maximum storage space. Customer compares the decision of the BG STORACT several competing companies. SUIDAN COMMERCE LTD selected STORACT BG over other competitors because of the quality offered, prompt and adequate solution for choosing a storage system that meets and covering requirements. Beginning of February SUIDAN COMMERCE LTD continues his meetings with a team of engineers and consultants of STORACT BG to clarify
requirements and operation of the store and choose the most appropriate rack system corresponding to the storage capacity and budget available.

The proposed two options for system DRIVE IN selected the option which cost e - profitable for the client because it allows the system to be operated by electric, which the company owns and need not purchase the machine with other parameters. The total storage capacity gained in the basic storage and dispatch area, the number is 770 pallets, and stacking takes place on 5 levels.



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