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STORACT BG is a longstanding partner of the company in the construction of its warehouse equipment

STORACT BG is a longstanding partner of the company in the construction of its warehouse equipment

General between Coca Cola and Formula 1

Coca Cola in Bulgaria - people will wonder before you answer the question: "Which country in Central and Eastern Europe, first started production of Coca Cola?" - Is no secret that it is our country first began production of the famous drink in 1965.

Second product of the company Coca Cola, appeared on the Bulgarian market is the brand Sprite. The production of beverage began in 1992, followed by Fanta Orange - 1993, Kinley Tonic Water and Fanta Lemon - 1994, Kinley Club Soda - 1995 In 1995 was built the most modern plant in the country for soft Kostinbrod drinks. Then - carbonated drinks in cans. A year later, the market appears new 0.25 liter glass contour bottle of Coca Cola. Today the family of products of Coca Cola on the Bulgarian market will find brands Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Kinley, Lift, Schweppes, Burn, Cappy.


The first contract signed between the companies Coca Cola HBC and STORACT BG is dated February 2004 and implemented a reliable operating system Drive-in.
Three years later, Manager of Logistics of Coca Cola HBC approached us with the desire to find new and modern (in terms of time saving) decision. The company's production capacity has increased each quarter, which was difficult to formulate a plausible task for which data are comparable to those of the previous period. The first joint meeting was held in the company's factory in Kostinbrod where representatives of STORACT BG witnessed 10 minutes of loading a truck for shipment, 5 minutes of verification of documents before leaving the site or product by 15 minutes total processing truck. About the same time the same product in the warehouse is restored - free storage space was only a dream figure.

As an innovative solution STORACT BG offer fully automated warehouse, whereby the company could carry out processes such as sorting, rotation and preparation for shipment of orders (each activity during detection). The idea for the implementation of this decision has become their future goal, but not solve the painful burial with stocks of today.
After a comparative analysis between the desire to improve the overall efficiency of the company and lack of time for reflection and application of new technology company Coca Cola HBC has decided to extend the storage capacity in Sofia, Targovishte, Varna and Burgas using proven Drive-in rack system.






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