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Storage equipment for TOP DRINKS

Top Drinks is a leader in the distribution of beverages in Bulgaria. The company is now among the leading distributors of Bulgarian and imported high alcoholic products, mineral water, juices and more. It has three warehouses in Sofia, equipped with STORACT BG rack systems, located strategically to cover the entire territory of the city. “Top Drinks” has 71 delivery vehicles, serving over 4000 clients. The company employs more than 290 skilled workers, distributed in separate departments headed by senior professionals in the industry.

For the selection of storage systems and future expansion, or implementation of project equipment stores, Top Drinks fully relies on STORACT BG expert opinion. At the end of 2007 Top Drinks commissioned us the development of a project for a storage system that can quickly and easily be implemented in their newest warehouse located near the ring road, municipality Suhodol. Given the specifics of working with FMCG, Top Drinks have adopted the use of the “Conventional” rack storage system (metal rack structure with full access to each pallet position) with the simultaneous development of the two-storey warehouse “Picking” system for processing orders. STORACT BG designers began working on a warehouse that was in an advanced stage of design and construction, which in turn required constant adjustment of the prefabricated storage system elements to fit the building. Four designs were developed for the construction of the metal shelving - two for storage systems operated by a machine known as Retrak (Corridor 2800 mm) and two for a VNA machine (1800 mm corridor) operated scheme. Two of the project solutions for a rack storage system followed the natural route of goods turnover in which the racks were located along the entry-exit ramps and the remaining two - rotated by 90 or perpendicular to the ramps. The sheer quantity of vertical rack structure links and a number of other conditions, made 3 of those 4 options inapplicable. The adopted design used a “Conventional” storage system with the storage equipment racks arranged along a loading ramp and following the flow of goods. This allowed the company to expand its storage capacity to 1767 pallet pcs., located in 4 vertical levels with a 1600 mm single pallet height. To ensure “Picking” operations some of the shelves were equipped with "embedded" levels for manual stacking.
The project was executed in three weeks and since the end of January, Top Drinks have a new distribution facility, equipped with racks storage systems offered by STORACT BG.



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