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Conventional for Alpha Logistics

Conventional for Alpha Logistics

CAPACITY storage systems for pallets: 800x1200x1750 - 1975 pcs. places for stacking on pallets; 

LOAD CAPACITY storage systems for pallets: 800x1200x1750 - 814 pcs. x 500kg = 407,000 kg. 800x1200x1750 - 1161 pcs. x 830kg = 963,630 kg. Total capacity: 1,370,630 kg. Type of used electric truckThis machine has a minimum lifting height: 8000 mm.Electric truck with a minimum working corridor: 2870 mm. The system is built in a warehouse to the customer. The system is designed for stacking pallets with dimensions: 800x1200x1750 mm weight Q = 830 kg. trucks, which are stowed on the second and third level of 1950 mm and 3900 mm elevation 800x1200x1750 mm weight Q = 530 kg. trucks, which are stowed on the fourth and fifth level of 5850 mm and 7800 mm elevation The system consists of two unilateral and two bilateral blocks, 136 modules which have the following dimensions: 8000 x 2700 x 1100 mm. - 135 pcs.; 8000 x 1825 x 1100 mm. - 1.; Stacking of pallets is carried out on 5 levels with elevations: 0, 1950, 3900, 5850 and 7800 mm. At the level length is 2700 mm stacking of 3 paleta 800h1200 mm. To ensure stability of unit blocks provided portal connections. Additional guards are provided in passageways and on paired blocks. Number of pallets for a system Conventional: 800x1200x1750 mm - 1975 pcs. Carrying capacity of the system Conventional: 1,370,630 kilograms. (1 370.63 tonnes) 








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