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Sopharma warehouse covers 6000 square meters, divided into four main areas - some with a special temperature regime of storage.

Integrated solution for managing logistics processes in the new
Distribution center of Sopharma Trading AD

Sopharma Trading AD (part of the Sopharma group) is a leading distributor of pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, sanitary products, vitamins, food supplements and cosmetics. The main purpose of Sopharma Trading AD is to maintain the leading position in sales of medicines and to increase its market share. To this end, the company applies prudent and attractive investment policy for the introduction of innovative technical and technological solutions.
As a result of this policy in 2005, a modern Distribution Center of Sopharma Trading in Sofia was built. Effective storage area of distribution centers is 5 200m2, covering 6000 places pallets (Conventional rack system for storing pallets, which allows easy and convenient access to each pallet) and 2500 picking places (for boxes and packaging) - Dynamic picking rack system for spindle speed storage systems products and G3 for the picking for other products. The variety of items in the store exceeds 10,000.
The commission for the design and implementation of the storage rack equipment systems was given to STORACT BG – A representative of MECALUX - the leading company in the manufacture of storage equipment. We prepared a customized engineering project to meet the specific needs of the distribution center and to offer a solution that most effectively utilizes the storage space available.
For the Distribution center operation the specialized high-tech software Logistics VisionTM was selected allowing the management of supply chains using wireless (RF) terminals and barcode technologies. The software was implemented by STORACT log Ltd. - Representative of Mantis Informatics SA for Bulgaria.
Control and management of goods, documents and personnel in a large Distribution Center is an impossible task without the use of modern integrated management system that helps people work with greater precision and effectiveness. This is what the main efforts in the implementation of the software were aimed at and the task was achieved due to the flexibility and adaptability of software to the needs and specificities of the processes in Sopharma Trading AD.


• Maximum utilization of warehouse space;
• Direct access to each pallet, carton or container, which allows continuous monitoring of stocks;
• Complete real time information about the goods, procedures and personnel in the warehouse;
• Optimization of all warehouse procedures
• Reduction of time required for the implementation of storage operations;

The establishment of a new generation Distribution center with efficient management and optimization of logistics, has increased the competitiveness of Sopharma Trading AD in the pharmaceutical market.



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