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TOP GROUP PLUS with Conventional

TOP GROUP PLUS with Conventional

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: System "Conventional" The system is constructed after dismantling the system Drive In, installed in the client's warehouse STORACT B & D. Dismantling the necessary farms and transport them to the new warehouse (which is open space) is performed by the customer. 

The existing system Drive-In is made up of farms 101x1000 mm height 5450 mm. After removing the farms using existing 54. farms 101x1000x5450 mm, respectively, are used and plates available to them (108). It is also used on a farm, to carry out the connections between opposite trusses on both sides of praga.Customer is required to supply farms and plates in suitable condition for the new use. All other elements are delivered and installed by B & D STORACT under applied calculation. In connection with the foregoing, the 72 st. existing farms (Old System Drive In) is of using the 55 st., 17 pcs. remain available to the client. The new system consists of two double and two single blocks, in the part where the unit blocks are to each other, they are connected with transverse joints made of profile 101 (cut from an existing farm). The modules are as follows: 2700x1000x5450 mm - 42 pcs. 1825x1000x5450 mm - 6 pcs. Pallets to be in the system are stacking pallet (1200x800 mm), height - 900 and 1000 mm and Qmax = 1200 kg. Stacking levels are 5, elevation: 0, 1200, 2300, 3400 and 4500 mm. If the client wishes to change the levels of stacking consulting engineering department of B & D is mandatory! 

The system is designed for 5 levels of stacking! Beam 2700 is stacking 3-pallet level, and beam 1825 - two. Optionally, the client has provided free zone - distance 5000 mm sporyamo sloping part of the site. Specifically mentioned the drawing detail is shown in the area which has 20 cm threshold. There fall by 5 modules of two single blocks, respectively, the distance between opposite legs of farms is 500 mm and minimum ostoyanie farm at the end of the threshold is 400 mm, with a view to fixing it will not break the site. Because the system is available in the open to be taken into account: The system is not calculated for the effects of natural and weather conditions. In winter possible snow on the last level pallets on pallet maximum load level during the last winter season does not exceed 800 kg / pallet. STORACT B & D is not responsible for changes on the quality of materials, incl. color resulting from the operation of the outdoors. System capacity 690 pcs. pallets. The total capacity of the system is: 690 x 1200 kg = 828,000 kg. (828.00 pts) In connection with the requirements of standard IS0-9001: 2000, in which STORACT B & D is registered annually will review the site for proper exploitation and state of the shelf system. Attached to the drawing are given concentrated loads at the heels of the farms, and loads of pallets on the first level. 

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