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Cefin Iveco chose Storact BG

Cefin Iveco chose Storact BG

Technical characteristics of the system "Conventional"

In the warehouse area of customer is two storey block formed by a single module mounted to an established warehouse construction. Used modular sizes are as follows: 5500 x 1100 x 3900 mm, 1 pc.; 3200 x 1100 x 3900 mm, 1 pc.; 5500 x 1100 x 3300 mm, 3 pcs.; According to drawings attached modules, which are height H = 5500mm are supplied with 3 levels manual stacking located above initiated by metal profiles in the second level. The second level is disposed of height H = 3200 mm with a height of service, storage systems maker (H = 2950 mm). Additional levels for manual stacking are formed using metal, galvanized shelves. The various levels have the following capacity: 3900 x 1100 mm, 2000 kg.; 3300 x 1100 mm, 1500 kg.; Capacity on the floor (System Conventional), formed by means of metal profiles, 200 kg / sq.m. According attached drawings, indicated the place from which the pallets will be placed on the form the second level. The bright opening from 3200 mm in the first level shelf system is left in accordance with the business corridor of the machines. For desktop 3200x3900mm initiated by the second level of the system is strictly conditional, the system does not take loads exceeding 200 kg / sq m Given that realize two system using grip to existing rack modules require removal of two of them. The handles of modules moved to the floor are calculated additional quantity anchors. 



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