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Storage equipment  for BIOMET Sevlievo

BIOMET was founded in 1991 and is one of the leading and fastest growing transportation companies in Bulgaria and Europe. The company has offices in major Western European countries, which help to coordinate the activities of its main office in Sofia. The company has over 150 trucks. The activity of BIOMET developed in several different segments of the freight and passenger transport. Continuing to support high quality and impeccable service are the main aim of the company for more than 17 years.
Business relations between the company and STORACT BG dates from 2006 when it fitted the main warehouse for Logistics Park BIOMET Sevlievo.
By expanding the company naturally appears the necessary to enlarge the storage space. In summer 2008 BIOMET and STORACT BG start meetings for clarification of this need - the company's needs for expansion of existing shelving systems and build new equipment rack. After discussion of how BIOMET imagine how the disposal of the enlarged store shelves and after consultation by specialists STORACT BG is offering the appropriate solution for a client - part of the existing racks are removable and the materials are added to a new system under the terms of reference and customer requirements. This proposal makes it possible to get high-efficiency of money in the warehouse area and storage equipment, as well as to achieve full use of space for storage.
Again selected rack system type "Conventional Pallet Racking" - best solution for warehouse in which goods are varied and are arranged on pallets. The system allows direct access to every pallet load of principle "FIFO" - placed first pallet, the first is taken from the shelves.
The main advantages of this system are one of the leading reasons for the choice of exactly what equipment rack:
1. direct access to all stored pallets
2. opportunity to move a pallet without the need to shift to other trucks
3. rapid control of goods, since each pallet can be easily found, reach and processed
4. quick and easy positioning of each pallet load (regardless of its weight and volume)
Storage equipment installed in November 2008, extends into 5 separate areas in the store (located at about 18,000 square meters), each with different technical parameters.

Pallets in Zone1 are stacking the 5 levels in Zone 2 -, 3 and 4 levels in Zone 3 - 4 levels in Zone 4 - to 5 levels. Pallets to be stacking, are different heights - from 1000 mm. to 1800 mm. and maximum weight is up to Q = 450 kg. The total number of pallets or the total storage system capacity is 11,350 pallets.



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