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Storage equipment for the existing warehouse - fully implemented by  STORACT BG with Conventional Pallet Sysytem.

Ficosota Sintez is a young fast growing company, a manufacturer of cleaning products for home and body care. Contacts between STORACT BG and Ficosota Sintez have a long history. Storage equipment for the existing warehouse with pallet racking is fully realized by STORACT BG. To expand their storage to meet the enormous new markets such as Romania, Ukraine and others, STORACT BG had the task to offer optimal storage rack solution for FMCG. In the beginning there was no idea of the contour of the building and designers of STORACT BG had only a sketch of the plot, which has been used for loading asphalt playground.
In keeping with the statutory law of spacing the first step was made by drawing the maximum possible outline for building a deployment of storage systems. Meet the analysis of goods turnover of the company, which formed the basis for the assignment and to formulate the ultimate goal, namely: achieving a warehouse for around 5500 pallets.
Once completed the contour lines of racks (trucks exceeded the original quantity 6000 pcs.) proved that the task is solved only if the customer chooses to serve the equipment warehouse with VNA machine with 1800 mm working corridor and 6 levels of stacking height. Once so formed, the project concept was transferred into the hands of the designers of the building. For a number of design requirements, its contour has changed, who made it figuratively described in three rectangles. These natural rectangles outlined three areas in the warehouse area, VNA machine (70% of the total area of the store), Zone "Preparation of contracts (15% of the store) and Zone Ready mixed pallets for shipment (15% of the store). Three general areas of today have a capacity of 5547 pallets.
Due to the large variety of goods in the analysis of Ficosota Fusion found their true percentage of pallet racking system "Conventional", which allows access to every pallet location, approach to work is essential for trading goods with fast character.



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