Conventional for LAITS

Conventional for LAITS

GENERAL DESCRIPTION Shelf system type "Conventional" is the best solution for the warehouse in which goods are varied and are arranged on pallets. The system allows direct access to every pallet load of principle "FIFO" - placed first pallet, the first is taken from the rack. 

Performance: - direct access to all stored pallets - opportunity to move a pallet without the need to shift to other trucks - quick inspection of the goods, since each pallet can be easily found, accessed and processed - quick and easy positioning of each pallet load (regardless of its weight and volume) 

CAPACITY storage systems: Premise 1: Pallets 800x1200x1350mm sizes - 78 pcs. Premise 2: Pallets 800x1200x1350mm sizes - 168 pcs. TOTAL: 246 pcs. 

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