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Conventional for ROCA BULGARIA

Conventional for ROCA BULGARIA


Technical characteristics of the storage system 

Purpose of the system The system is designed for palletized cargo, and medium weight materials and components stacked on shelves with shelves. Data on pallets According to your job at the storage system will be stacking pallets with dimensions 1'200x800 mm. weighing 1'000 kg., 1'200x1'000 mm. and 1'200x1'200 mm. weighing 1'500 kg. Questions are the distances between the beams - light openings in various work areas marked with numbers from "01" to "08" in the working corridor between rack units. 

Description of Conventional Pallet Racking: This offer considered nine blocks, each consisting of 24 modules with a length of 2'700 mm, designed for 3 1'200 800 mm pallet. or two pallet 1'200x1'000 / 1'200x1'200 mm. in the rack box. The system is located under your assignment, namely: 2 blocks served unilaterally and are located along the longitudinal walls of the room, the other 7 units are composed of coupled modules designed for bilateral services and are located in the interior of the house on its long axis . The spaces between the blocks are evenly distributed, providing jobs with a minimum width of corridors between stacking pallets 3'000 mm. 

Capacity storage systems: Pallets 1'200x800x2'050 mm.: 3'300 pcs. pallets Pallets 1'200x800x1'550 mm.: 2'226 pcs. pallets, TOTAL 5'526 pcs. pallets Pallets 1'200x1'000 / 1'200x2'050 mm.: 2'200 pcs. pallets Pallets 1'200x1'000 / 1'200x1'550 mm.: 1'484 pcs. pallets, TOTAL 3'684 pcs. pallets 1'200x1'000 / 1'200 mm. Load capacity storage systems: 5'526 t Rack space Picking: 540.5 sm Load levels Picking: 112.8 T

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