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STORACT – the leading company for installation and maintenance of Mechanical and Automated Warehouse Systems

STORACT – the leading company for installation and maintenance of Mechanical and Automated Warehouse Systems

Interview in Mashinostroene magazine, with Pavel Krumov - Manager "Installation and Service"

Mr. Krumov, can you tell us about some of the big projects that you realized lately?

One of our major projects and complex system is Radio-Shuttle. Mount it in the stores of Coca - Cola in November and December 2011, and has worked flawlessly for a year. It consists of a metal frame, robotic cars that pull the pallet in front of the rack. From there, makes them assume and perform such manipulation cart has already prepared the next step. Our service engineers went twenty days training in Spain in support of this system and it is great. In Bulgaria, the first time such system is installed. Our company is the only one in the country that has designed, installed and implemented such system. The warehouse of Coca - Cola is working with six robotic cars. They serve 4,500 pallet locations and are controlled by remote control by the driver of industrial machines. With such a system the company achieves optimal use of storage space and speed in handling cargo. In conventional systems Driving, the machine enters the hall, and Pallet take him on a vehicle, and then reenters the rack into the next and so on. Half of these manipulations are saved with the new system. The same convenience is achieved by loading shelf system.

A project realized in Macedonia is Pekabesko company. It works on the same principle and the same machinery installed it for two months. Also it is checked in every six months. When a problem occurs in Macedonia we can respond within 48 hours, this time in Bulgaria is 24 hours with our team, and our service engineers.


System Radio-Shuttle - storage of Coca - Cola




Warehouses Pekabesko - Macedonia


Another interesting solution we offer is mobile shelving systems. We now have eight completed similar projects in Bulgaria and we have serious experience. This year we installed such a system in the company Areon Varna This was the beginning of summer and it took fifteen days.


Warehouses Hess - Yambol



Hayat stores


Another interesting system we offer is KARDEX REMSTAR storage and commissioning of goods. This is an automated system. In Bulgaria and Serbia we have installed 22 such automated vertical storage systems. In Liebherr - Plovdiv Hess - Yambol Arubis - Pirdop and others. We perform installation of the project Shabats, Serbia. The machines consist of hardware and software.


For additional information, please visit:www.storactlog.com



What are the priorities of STORACT?

We are focused on maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service of storage systems. From this year on the certificate ISO 9001:2008, included servicing and maintenance of rack systems. There is a European standard EN 15635: 2008, which has the status of a Bulgarian standard 2009ON-05, which regulates the use and maintenance of storage systems. Twice a year, each system is inspected by our specialist. Even those who have not installed we have the right to maintain. Standard requires labeling of any rack system with the information plate. It is very important for each store and the people who work in it. Every six months inspect each rack system to respond to and put a sticker with the inspection results. For each type of system we have trained maintenance personnel. Every six months we do a thorough inspection of the warehouse equipment. In each company, our client has a trained one person to monitor the condition of Material Handling Equipment. In case of irregularities, he informs us, and we respond immediately.



Which is the most interesting project you are working on right now?


The team installed warehouses Hayat



Automated warehouse company FOENIX MEXANO - Hungary


In Hungary, build automated warehouse for pallets 9000 Company FOENIX MEXANO at 25 meters. The complexity of this installation is that the warehouse is built in ready storage building and requires a great precision. We have a team there of 16 experts and we will finish the second week of January, 2013.

In Bulgaria, we did such project in 2008 for the company Fresh Logic in Plovdiv. 24 m height for 15,000 pallets

Our team of 24 professionals involved in building with MECALUX of the largest automated warehouse trucks in the world - located in Izmit, Turkey. It was a huge project for 165,000 pallet locations are self-supporting warehouse racking system height to 45 meters.

For several years we are working on the construction of logistics centers LIDL. We started in this field Equal, Bulgaria. After that time we have built up such a LIDL logistics centers in Larnaca, Cyprus, Ploiesti, Romania, Cluj, Romania and Poland Vrotsslav. On the first of December we begin installation of shelving systems in the area of ​​Graz, Austria.

What would you say in conclusion of our conversation?

One of our goals is to continue to work with leading companies in the industry. Our goal is to implement projects in Europe, outside Bulgaria. The country market is not so large. Our ambition is to develop abroad.

The goal this year was to keep the results of 2011. We managed this and I even think we have slight increase. We expect next year's – better results.

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