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DS 17-1100 fast

Working width: 17"


Brush speed: 300 rpm

Motor power: 1100 W

Ground pressure: 40 kg


The Dulevo DULESHINE range of floor polishers is a complete range of single-brush cleaners with great features: their reduced size and weight make them ideal for all those applications requiring easy-to-use machines that are handy to manoeuvre but at the same time highly professional. 

The Dulevo DULESHINE single-brush range adapts perfectly to any type of cleaning and is the ideal solution for professional cleaning, washing, polishing and waxing of all types of floors.

The range comprises five different models that adapt perfectly to any cleaning and maintenance operation and that can be equipped on request with a full range of coloured pads and brushes to tackle any kind of surface with ease and with a supplementary weight for heavy applications. 


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