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H402 C - H402 M

Voltage: Cabel 230V / Battery 12V

Cleaning performance: 1100m²/h
Max. brush pressure: 21 / 22kg
Scrubbing path: 360мм
Squeegee width: 430мм
Vacuum water lift: 1700 / 1280mm / H2O
Waste hopper capacity: 15L
Solution tank capacity: 15L


The H402 series walk behind scrubber drier is equipped with a single 360 mm brush for extra polishing of shining surfaces. It comes in two versions:
• H402 M: Battery operated, brush assisted traction
• H402 C: 220 VAC cable operated, brush assisted traction


Dulevo H402 scrubber drier features:
• 430 mm squeegee is placed very close to the brush. This makes possible to work in narrow aisles assuring at the same time a perfect drying even in tight turns
• Brushes automatically stop when machine stands still to avoid floor damages
• Water flow automatically stop with the brushes in order to avoid flooding
• Very quiet
• Reversible squeegee blades
• Standard equipped with on board battery charger
• Standard equipped with maintenance free battery
• Quick release brush coupling
• Very easy access to vacuum motor
• No tools needed to change wearing parts




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