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H 557 - H 667


Voltage: Battery 24V
Cleaning performance:2200/2970 m²/h
Max. brush pressure: 45/55 kg
Scrubbing path: 550/660 мм
Squeegee width: 800мм
Vacuum water lift: 1250mm / H2O
Waste hopper capacity: 80L
Solution tank capacity: 70L



Models 557- 667 are equipped with two disc for deep floor scrubbing covering respectively 550 and 660 mm scrubbing path Both machines are battery powered and comes standard complete with electric motor traction .

Some of the features:
• 800 mm squeegee makes possible to work in narrow aisles assuring at the same time a perfect drying even in tight turns
• Brushes automatically stop when machine stands still to avoid floor damages. This avoid useless brushes and energy consumption and prevent floor damages:
• Very quiet 
• Reversible squeegee blades
• Belly safety system
• Fine traction adjustment for easy and comfortable operation
• Can be equipped with on board battery charger on request
• Quick release brush coupling
• Very easy access to vacuum motors 
• No tools needed to change wearing parts

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